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The original Carron Company, established in 1759 formed the now famous ironworks on the banks of the River Carron. The company rode the wave of the Industrial Revolution and was famed for their short-barrelled naval cannons, Carronades, used by the Royal Navy up until the 1850s.

Carron Baths have been the forefront of bath design and use skill and precision is what makes the Carron baths great. All the baths go through an eight-stage process before leaving the factory floor. From moulding to packaging, every stage is monitored and finished by hand. Therefore, because Carron offers such a high-quality process in manufacturing, they offer a 20-year guarantee on every bath.

Carron are one of the UK's leading bath manufacturers. They design and make baths for all needs and tastes from the elegant and luxury bath models to the sleek yet practical models. With a massive range of designs, styles and sizes you will certainly find the bath for your bathroom.

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