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  • Duravit Series 1930

    Duravit Series 1930

    The Duravit 1930 Series is classic furniture set with cutting edge technology installed. Designed in the Golden Era and first announced in the 1930s to the public with its octagonal design. Duravit have created many stunning pieces which are part of the 1930s set such as vanity basins, bidets, toilets and the trademark corner basin.

  • Duravit Bathroom_Foster

    Duravit Bathroom_Foster

    Duravit Bathroom_Foster was created by Norman Foster. A design very much based on an image of two cupped hands scooping up fresh water, and has characteristics of a sweeping oval silhouette and delicate rims. Two adjacent circles define the geometrics of this whole range. Bathroom_Foster is described by the man himself as “Archictecture in miniature.”

  • Duravit Architec

    Duravit Architec

    Introducing the Duravit Architec collection by Professor Frank Huster. Designed using the simple geometric shapes, the circle and the square. This particular rage of ceramic sanitaryware uses straight lines and circles as a base for their washbowls and their countertop and corner basins.

  • Duravit 2nd Floor

    Duravit 2nd Floor

    Designed by sieger design, the Duravit 2nd Floor collection brings together ideas of cozy open spaces. The bathroom is now no longer a separate and isolated part of the home. Using a combination of high quality design and a comfortable range of furniture the Duravit 2nd Floor is one of the most inviting and elegance pieces today. Extensive ranges are available in all kinds of wood finishes so you can match the basins, baths, furniture and toilets to your personal style and specification.

  • Duravit Blue Moon

    Duravit Blue Moon

    With the Duravit Blue Moon range you can increase your bathing experience by using a pool instead of a tub. This specialist range designed by Jochen Schmiddem gives you more water space and depth. These circular tubs are intended for both bathroom use and locations such as a garden room. The design and shape of the tubs give the user the floatation experience whilst bathing due to their large and deep features.

  • Duravit Bacino

    Duravit Bacino

    The Duravit Bacino range is a small yet attractive range designed by Duravit themselves. These washbowls provide both a modern and distinctive washing area making them ideal for private bathrooms, powder rooms and hotels.

  • Duravit Bagnella

    Duravit Bagnella

    Simplicity is the key with the Duravit Bagnella washbowl. Designed by Sieger Design, its symmetrical appearance and all-round rim makes it a striking feature in your bathroom. It was designed to fit in tight spaces with a diameter of only 400mm it is well suited to an ensuite bathroom or cloakroom. 

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  • Duravit Darling New

    Duravit Darling New

    The Duravit Darling New range is a complete remodel of a classic Duravit range. This range consists of delicate, exquisite shapes predominantly circular. The Darling New is a wide range of sanitaryware and bathroom furniture. As far as design in concerned the toilet and bidet, and the basin and vanity unit marry up and keep the uniformity of your bathroom.

  • Duravit Daro
  • Duravit D-Code

    Duravit D-Code

    Duravit D-Code is known for its freedom, simplicity and restraint. These classic pieces of furniture are able to blend into any existing bathroom design. This range offers all kinds of furniture and sanitaryware from vanity units to cosmetic mirrors. It is the complete bathroom set still keeping its uniformity, sleek design and amazing value for money.

  • Duravit Delos
  • Duravit DuraPlan
  • Duravit Durasquare

    The new Duravit Durasquare range features a symetrical, modern and organised look for the bathroom. The fusion of rectangles and circles within the products design gives this range a contrasting and different look to the usual bathroom. This product has many different optional accessories such as an integrated sound system in the bathtub, an optional whirl system with button control and the option to have the bathtub back to the wall.

  • Duravit DuraStyle

    Duravit Durastyle | BathroomShop UK

    Designed by Matteo Thun and Partners, the Duravit Durastyle range is a collection of elegant and smart bathroom furniture. With the light and dark surfaces to choose from, you can totally customise your bathroom to gain total enjoyment and satisfaction. This range has a piece to suit everyone.

  • Duravit Fogo
  • Duravit Furniture Washbasins
  • Duravit Happy D.2
  • Duravit Karree
  • Duravit Ketho
  • Duravit Kiora
  • Duravit L-Cube
  • Duravit Luv

    Duravit Luv is a new modern range brought out by duravit. Cecilie Manz intended for the products to give the impression of elegance and minimalism through the use of precise, clear and defined edges and smooth surfaces.

  • Duravit ME By Starck
  • Duravit Nahho
  • Duravit OpenSpace
  • Duravit Paiova
  • Duravit Scola
  • Duravit Sensowash Starck
  • Duravit Starck 1
  • Duravit Starck 2
  • Duravit Starck 3
  • Duravit Urinals
  • Duravit Vero
  • Duravit Vero Air

    The consistently rectangular design language of the Vero bathroom range from 2001 is one of the classics in the Duravit program. Vero Air improves upon the older Duravit range, Duravit Vero, with a new level of precision and perfect proportions.

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