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Our toilets are made from the highest quality vitreous china and manufactured by some of the leading suppliers around the world such as Duravit, Burlington, Roca and RAK. We stock a wide range of styles from traditional pans to modern designs that suit all types of bathroom. 
We offer back to wall, close-coupled and wall hung toilets which are perfect for cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms giving the illusion of more floor space. 
We always pair our toilet and basin sets with the designs and styles that we feel compliment each other. Our team of experts work tirelessly researching and testing out new designs and combinations to bring you the best shopping catalogue on the market today.

Toilets & Basins 


  • Basins

    Basins | Bathroom Shop UK

    Here at Bathroom Shop UK we have a huge range of basins to suit all styles of bathroom. With our contemporary designed basins consisting of unique shapes and curvature to our traditional range of basins inspired by the Edwardian and Victorian periods we are guaranteed to have the basin for you.
    It is clear to us that one basin type does not fit all types of bathroom and that is why we stock a huge range of basins such as countertop, semi-recessed, wall hung, corner and cloakroom. With such a huge and diverse range from top manufacturers there really is something for everyone.
    You will find that most of our basins are matched will other pieces of bathroom furniture so you can maintain the overall style of your bathroom whilst choosing your favourite basin.
  • Bidets

    Bidets | Bathroom Shop UK

    Add that extra touch and class to your bathroom with a bidet from Bathroom Shop UK. All of our bidets that we have to offer are made from the highest quality vitreous china resulting in a very easy to clean and durable product.
    We have a huge range of styles and designs available to suit all kinds of bathrooms. Whether you would like a traditional back to wall bidet to suit your edwardian or victorian inspired bathroom, or a modern wall hung bidet to maximise your floor space and give you that 21st century feel... We have the bidet for you.
  • Toilets

    Toilets | Bathroom Shop UK

    Your toilet is one of the main features of anyones bathroom so its important that you choose the right one for you. Here at Bathroom Shop UK we have a huge range of toilets in all shapes and styles for you to choose from. You can choose from the very popular close-coupled toilet option, alternatively you can choose a back to wall or a wall hung toilet for the more modern bathroom design.
    All of our toilets are made from the highest quality vitreous china making them super easy to clean, stain and germ resistant. We also have high and low level WCs available for the more traditional bathroom designs.