• Basins & Full Pedestals

    Standard basins are great for larger bathrooms and can be teamed with pedestals, washstands or an elegant vanity unit. Once you've chosen a basin with 1, 2 or 3 tapholes you just need to consider which of our taps you desire from our taps range.

  • Cloakroom Basins

    These basins are smaller than standard or medium basins, helping with smaller spaces and supported by a pedestal for a traditional look. Baby basins are ideal for very small cloakrooms, providing a compact but stylish option.

  • Vanity Basins
  • Corner Basins

    These basins designed and shaped to set in a corner of your bathroom, ideal for small cloakrooms and can be supported by our ornate brackets.

  • Pedestals
  • Semi Recessed Basins

    These basins are for use with Heritage fitted furniture and sit on a vanity unit, precut to fit, making it a perfect way to incorporate more storage into your bathroom.

  • Console Basins

    These are hugely popular for a luxury boutique feel, these basins need to be paired with supportive legs.