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We have put together a catalogue of our favourite well known and trusted bathroom manufacturers all in one place for you to browse and explore here at Bathroom Shop UK.
Each brand you will find listed here has something unique and different which set them apart from the rest. Whether you want a traditional bathroom based on Victorian or an Edwardian theme from Burlington, or a modern cutting edge designed bathroom from Duravit... Feel free to browse each range and see what they all have to offer.

All of these manufacturers offer amazing guarantees and therefore you can be sure to enjoy your bathroom well into the future. 

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  • Bisque

    Bisque | Bathroom Shop UK

    Established in 1979, Bisque became a company with a mission to provide the customer with the beautiful but practical radiators. Bisque's timeless classics to the latest energy efficient designs can be seen in building such as the Shard or the Highgrove house and their commitment to design, quality and customer service has seen Bisque won many deserved awards such as the CoolBrands award and the BKU award for best heating brand.

    Bisque work with established designers and use up and coming talent to create the most initiotive and unique designs and remain driven by enthusiastic people who understand how these beautiful radiators can transform your interior.

    For the past 30 years Bisque have been designing and manufacturing some of the best radiators in the UK. They combine beautiful design will practicality to create some of the most visually stunning pieces in the bathroom market. Bisque have a selection of over 40 styles and designs in thousands of colours and sizes. They are 100% committed to quality, design and service and this makes them at the forefront of the bathroom heating industry.

    "Wether for contempory or traditional interiors [Bisque] continues to lead the way" The Observer

    "[Bisque]... bringing you luxurious, stylish radiators and adding excitment to the world of heating" Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

  • Britton

    Britton Bathrooms | Bathroom Shop UK

    Britton Bathrooms offers comprehensive, modular ranges of beautifully designed contemporary bathrooms products. All these ranges are designed by Tim Powell who's overall design knowledge creates form and function within every product which is manafactured. Tim Powell is also agruable one of the most experienced bathroom product desginer which ensures quality and passion in your products. Therefore buying from Britton Bathrooms offers the interior of a strong and reliable wash space, using geometric forms in chunky styles such as Cube, or the new Fine series of ultra slimline pieces.

  • Burlington

    Burlington | Bathroom Shop UK

    Burlington Bathrooms are one of the leading suppliers of traditional bathrooms here in the UK. They offer both Edwardian and Victorian inspired bathroom. Burlington offer traditional values coupled with modern technology along with nostalgic charm that evokes vintage appeal and period elegance. Traditional styling featuring basins and toilets plus and extensive range of brassware that echoes a true Victorian look.

    If you are very much a traditionalist that enjoys the 19th and 20th century decor then a Burlington toilet, basin or bath would be the perfect solution for you.

  • Carron Baths

    Carron Baths | Bathroom Shop UK

    The original Carron Company, established in 1759 formed the now famous ironworks on the banks of the River Carron. The company rode the wave of the Industrial Revolution and was famed for their short-barrelled naval cannons, Carronades, used by the Royal Navy up until the 1850s.

    Carron Baths have been the forefront of bath design and use skill and precision is what makes the Carron baths great. All the baths go through an eight-stage process before leaving the factory floor. From moulding to packaging, every stage is monitored and finished by hand. Therefore, because Carron offers such a high-quality process in manufacturing, they offer a 20-year guarantee on every bath.

    Carron are one of the UK's leading bath manufacturers. They design and make baths for all needs and tastes from the elegant and luxury bath models to the sleek yet practical models. With a massive range of designs, styles and sizes you will certainly find the bath for your bathroom.

  • Cassellie

    Cassellie | Bathroom Shop UK

    Cassellie have the specific intention to combine the best quality and affordability for all their products. They put all their products through a meticulous testing process, allowing them to offer a ten-year guarantee on all their products. This therefore shows how Cassellie strive to offer the best quality products and services to their customers.

    Cassellie’s research and development team ensure that their products are at the forefront of their field, technologically and aesthetically. Cassellie use cutting edge materials and tested techniques, making them provide quality and affordable bathroom products. Look at their huge tap ranges or their bath/shower screens. All products from Cassellie come with a generous 10-year manufacturer guarantee so you can be sure to appreciate your product for that much longer.

  • Cleargreen

    Cleargreen is a new concept in baths. When it comes to sustainability and comfort, our collection of stylish and durable baths brings a whole new dimension to bath time.

    Cleargreen understand the requirements of modern families and build baths to last. Manufactured using high quality materials and strict production processes, a Cleargreen bath can withstand up to 2.3 tonnes, and all Cleargreen baths are designed to limit both water usage and heat loss and are manufactured using 30% recycled materials.

  • Clearwater

    Cleawater use internationaly designers to bring together a stunning and elegant range of free standing baths using high quality materials and high standard manafacturng process. Clearwater also use a innitiotive material called Clearstone which was a lustrous finish across classic and modern designs.

    Clearwater also uses a matrial called Natural stone which has a velvety feel allows for complex designs. With Clearwater you will choose contermporary styles or classic freestanding, roll top designs with period style.

  • Duravit

    Welcome to Duravit

    Not long ago, the bathroom was a place you visited briefly and designed in a temperate way. It was frequently referred to as a wet room, and that would to an extent live up to its name, however with Duravit comes an all new way of designing your unique and special bathroom suited to you. Duravit allows you to be at one with yourself where you can relish the moment beyond the daily hustle. The bathroom is still a place of cleansing however a Duravit bathroom would do it in a way that it would refresh the body and soul alike. This all stems from the high qaulity products which are manafactured and desgined by the best designers and added technical solutions which would offer a smart and convinient bathroom.. Therefore Duravit creates a sense comfort in the bathroom with materials and designs that are made to last. 

  • Forzalaqua

    Forzalaqua is an extraordinary line of bathroom products, with an appearance that is simultaneously robust and elegant. Many have fallen in love with the exceptional combination of solid natural stone and solid oak. The products are made with much love: in an artisanal fashion, by hand.

    No destination is too far when it regards the pure Forzalaqua quality. From a quarry in an exotic country to your bathroom the products undergo a true transformation. The products are all created by hand by true professionals within their field and they develop these products with elegance and passion which shows when you walk into your bathroom and you feel the unparalleled feeling of luxury, making your bathroom they favourite room in your house.

  • Geberit

    The Geberit Group, which operates worldwide, is the European market leader for sanitary products.

    Thanks to the various styles, designs and prices, the bathroom collection – which comprise of both ceramics and bathroom furniture – have something to offer for any bathroom. Gerebit uses modern designs and innovations such as the Gerebit Rimfree creating unique products, and above all, functional products.

    Rimfree toilets are feature a very good flushing performance and are very easy to clean. This is also coupled with Geberit’s long-standing know-how, the Geberit Bathroom Collection is truly where Design Meets Function. 

  • Hansgrohe

    Hansgrohe are one of the main German Bathroom and Sanitary Ware Manufacturers providing quality and innovative design. With collections such as Axor, PuraVida and Raindance, you will not find any alternative that matches the quality and finish of these products. 

    Hansgrohe offer a unique idea for your bathroom. Hansgrohe believe the bathroom should optimally adapt to the individual’s needs, making your bathroom special to you. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of the Hansgrohe company philosophy. Hansgrohe designers promote forward thinking on bathrooms and develop innovative ideas for even greater bathroom enjoyment and well-being for customers around the world.

  • Hib

    HiB are dedicated for bringing beauty into bathrooms, helping customers create a personal sanctuary within the home which delights them every day. Also HiB have over 25 of experience and is renowned for innovation and peerless quality. HIB strive for revolutionising bathroom design, for example the steam free mirrors or the LED colour changing temperature technology and even Bluetooth enabled cabinets. HiB are committed to suiting the customer’s needs, whether its art deco or minimalist HiB will find your 'wow'.

  • Hudson Reed

    Established in 1982, Hudson Reed provide luxury bathroom products at desirable prices, combining craftmanship, reliability and practicality. Their design and manufacturing team work tirelessly to provide you with the best products at hard to beat prices. Innovation is an everyday experience at Hudson Reed where you can share the experience.

    Hudson Reed are also passionate about British engineering and all thermostatic showers with the patented Valquest technology and patented Pearlstone shower trays are all made in house. The company is still family run, creating excellent customer service and the new eco range shows the innovation and the direction in which the company want to take.

  • Just Trays

    Just Trays have been designing, innovating and producing trays from their base in for 30 years which cements their positing as number one shower tray manufacture in the UK. Just Trays have an extensive range of shower trays which are all designed, manufactured and developed independently which ultimately produce a series of unrivalled showers trays to suit every application. They provide themselves for being able to cut and size and shape, even there JT Softstone product is available as a bespoke service to fit any suite.

    JT have also received their second 'Gold award for innovation in design' at the Designer Kitchen Awards Ceremony for the Evolved by JT.

  • Keuco

    Since Keuco was founded in 1953, they can look back on a long tradition of producing high-quality products for your bathroom. Kueco has expanded substantially and has gone from being the original market leader for bathroom accessories to presenting its self as a full range supplier and fitter of bathroom furnishings including fittings, accessories, mirror cabinets, bathroom furniture and washbasins.

    Keuco use the best quality of materials and the highest standard of craftmanship, making the products in your home be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Kudos

    Established in 1999, Kudos; which is in the Lake District has been designing and manufacturing innovative, high end shower products. Functionality, performance and value are key for Kudos to provide the highest quality products to their customers. Kudos have built a reputation for beautifully designed, precision engineered luxury shower doors and enclosures that represent excellent value for money. Each one is designed and built right where the natural beauty of there surroundings continues to inspire them.

    All products are hand made by experts in their field and Kudos offer a lifetime guarantee against material or manufacturing defects, for the customers peace of mind.

  • Vado

    Vado is a market leader that supplies beautifully manufactured taps, showers, mirrors, fittings and accessories to some of the finest establishments worldwide. With a huge range of versatile and contemporary designs, these products behold both extreme style and quality. Delivering quality ranges such as Life, Summit, Synergy, Tonic and Wentworth, Vado is renowned for providing major craftsmanship and superb bathroom brassware.

  • Zehnder

    Zehnder offer a very unique design philosophy, proving radiators, which design your living space. They use international designers they stand for a modern and self-conscious savoir-vivre. This emphasises many lifestyles such as minimalist purism, classical style or colourful modern. Whether bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or guest washrooms, we always have the suitable design radiator. Be choosy: Zehnder design radiators are available in more than 700 colours and surfaces. They can also make special shapes for you: whether angled, curved or slanted.

    At Zehnder, the subject of design is firmly anchored in the company philosophy. Zehnder were also a pioneer of the radiator market in the 1980's with the introduction of the Universal, showing the direction in which the company are taking.

  • Matki

    Established in 1971, Matki have pioneered innovative design in luxury showers and brassware for over 40 years, enabling a broad understanding and a pragmatic approach to shower design - technically, aesthetically and architecturally. Taking the time not only to design the key elements but every minute detail to ensure every component works in harmony for functionality and a stunning aesthetic. Also, the ten year guarantee they offer shows their attention detail making Matki a suitable choice for your shower.

  • Smedbo

    Since 1967 when Smedbo was founded the company has developed immeasurably from those humble beginnings in Helsingborg. Smedbo today is the market leader in Scandinavia, sells products all around the globe and has a major market share in Europe and in the USA. The success has been built on extensive technical product development coupled with contemporary Scandinavian design.  Smedbo products represent the pinnacle of engineering, the latest in modern design and come with a 10-year warranty and the Smedbo range is extensive covering several distinctive and contemporary styles. Most lines are engineered in solid brass to the highest tolerances and available in differ ent finishes, and then protected by a unique highly transparent lacquer for ease of care.

  • Majestic

    Established in 2004, in East Sussex, Majestic Bathrooms has continued to grow over the last few years and have developed 2 story showrooms and with over 40 years of experience within bathrooms and plumbing, Majestic Bathrooms offer helpful and reliable advice. They have an array of affordable or designer suites, and with their professional and enthusiastic service offer quality products and service.

  • Ambiance Bain

    Ambiance Bain | Bathroom Shop UK

    Originating in Rhone Valley in France, Ambiance Bain started as a small family manufactuing business. Throughout the years they have grown whilst at the same time developing all of their skills and technologies. 
    Nowadays the brand is popular all over the world with its modern design, superior ergonomics and 21st century bathroom ranges.

  • Heritage

    Established in Bristol in 1985, Heritage Bathrooms has become a brand synonymous with iconic, classic design products, and an uncompromising commitment to quality and service. Their beautiful range features traditional bathroom suites including Dorchester, Granley and Victoria which grace thousands of bathrooms across the UK with their elegant period style.

    More classic bathroom styles include the sophisticated Blenheim suite which would sit beautifully in either a traditional or contemporary bathroom setting while their recently launched Wynwood showcases magnificent art deco bathroom styling. Each range is complimented by a choice of freestanding acrylic baths, taps, showers, decorative heating and accessories, including a gorgeous range of ornate mirrors.
    They are also the UK’s market leader in cast iron baths, with a generous choice of options; all available pre-primed and hand finished so that they can be painted in any colour you like.

    "Never less than adventurous. Always personal. Heritage Bathrooms make beautifully distinctive bathroom products that can mix and match in so many different ways to create a luxury bathroom that is individually yours."

  • Merlyn Showers

    Merlyn is a highly successful shower enclosure business with a No.1 market position, through its design, innovation, range of new product development and the award-winning customer service which they provide. Merlyn use the finest sourced quality materials with an extensive range of finishes and has been awarded the most innovative and progressive bathroom companies around.

    Merlyn designers spend approximately 12 months creating and fine tuning each product to ensure the materials and design aesthetics are the best possible before manufacturing begins.

  • Vitra

    VitrA supplies millions of pieces of ceramic sanitaryware each year. Fifty percent of the brand’s production is sold abroad through a powerful distribution network that includes over 150 showrooms and 2,000 sales points, in major cities in over 75 countries on five continents.

    Many things have changed since the outset in 1942, but VitrA draws on its proud heritage to create contemporary bathrooms and tiles with timeless appeal and accessible luxury.

    VitrA's successful relationships with international designers have resulted in many accolades for the company, including the Wallpaper Design Award for Best Bathroom, an Elle Décor Award, Good Design Award, Red Dot Design Award and no fewer than three iF product design awards for excellence in product and design quality.

  • Roca

    One of Roca’s premises is the conviction that technological innovation constitutes an essential element for achieving progressive development and permanent improvement in any activity. For this reason, state-of-the-art technology is used in all its subsidiaries and all phases of the production process. Today, Roca’s commercial network spreads over 170 countries supplied by its 78 production plants and more than 22.000 employees worldwide. We have a national coverage of distributors, merchants and retailers, to ensure efficient and fast delivery.