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  • Dama-N

    Roca Dama-N Furniture | Roca | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Dama-N Furniture range is full of neutral and pure lines and offer an extensive selection of colours and sizes for you to choose from. These vanity units and basins give incredible results in any kind of bathroom space.

  • Debba Compact

    Roca Debba Compact Furniture | Roca | Bathroom Shop UK

    Introducing the Debba Compact Furniture range from Roca. All of the design elements from the Debba range, but adapted for smaller bathroom spaces allowing you to have this sleek and stylish furniture in your WC or cloakroom.

  • Debba Standard

    Roca Debba Furniture | Roca | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Debba Standard collection of Furniture and Vanity Units offers a wide range of bathroom solutions as well as providing a sober and current design that makes these units easily adaptable to every bathroom space.

  • Kalahari

    Roca Kalahari Furniture | Roca | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Kalahari range of bathroom furniture focuses very much on design and functionality. A stunning combination of technology, detail and perfection makes these Vanity Units look incredible in any contemporary and modern style bathroom.

  • Meridian-N

    Roca Meridian-N Furniture | Roca | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Duravit Meridian-N Furniture range offer a single concept for a thousand solutions. This is by far the most versatile and global Roca Vanity Unit collection that provides stunning design in any bathroom space.

  • Senso Square

    Roca Senso Square Furniture | Roca | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Senso Square Furniture Collection offers a large number of bathroom solutions for modern and contemporary styled bathing areas. Make the most of your bathroom space and merge it with almost any existing or new style of bathroom.

  • The Gap

    The Gap Furniture | Roca | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Gap Furniture collection designed by Antonio Bullo, provides functionality with a compact and sleek style. These Vanity Units are available in a range of colours, sizes and finishes making them easily adaptable to any bathroom space.

  • Victoria Basic

    Victoria Basic Furniture | Roca | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Victoria Basic furniture collection provide both functionality and simplicity to any bathroom space. These Vanity Units provide a pure and neutral design to your bathroom and with its diverse range are easily adaptable to all styles of bathroom.

  • Victoria-N

    Victoria-N Furniture | Roca | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Victoria-N Furniture range offers simplicity, functionality and offers great solutions for all sizes and styles of bathroom. Designed with the end user in mind these Vanity Units are easily adapted to every life style.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 193 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 193 items