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  • Hotels

    Roca Hotels Accessories | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Hotels range of accessories was created to give that impression of luxury and sophistication in the bathroom right down to the final detail. A superb combination of design, quality and elegance make these accessories some of the finest in the market today.

  • Select

    Roca Select Accessories | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Select Accessories range is full or resounding and bold designs and lines. They use a combination of sophistication, strength and elegance to create pieces of pure beauty that will fit perfectly in any bathroom.

  • Superinox

    Roca Superinox Accessories | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Superinox Accessories range maximises all of the elements required to create a practical and stunning bathing environment. These accessories are both functional and can adapt to any bathroom space.

  • Twin

    Roca Twin Accessories | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Twin Accessories range combine both functional and neutral design elements. You are able to fix these accessories with screws or adhesive preventing the use of a drill and high resistance is guaranteed across the entire range.

  • Victoria

    Roca Victoria Accessories | Bathroom Shop UK

    The Roca Victoria Accessories range combine both functionality with timeless design. Ideal for any bathroom, semi-public area and include many solutions for people with reduced mobility. Easily fixed with screws or adhesive eliminating the use of a drill whilst at the same time providing durability and high resistance.