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We have an extensive collection of vanity units, storage units, wall cabinets, integrated and freestanding units all available from the best manufacturers at the most affordable prices.
We have an in house design team that spend hours working on new bathroom trends and making the most out of your bathroom. Whatever your bathroom specification, I can guarantee we will have a bathroom furniture range to suit your needs and requirements.
It's hard to appreciate the amount of choice that you have when thinking about a bathroom remodel. You can integrate your basin with a wall mounted vanity unit for the ultimate modern bathroom or equally take a step back in time and choose some Edwardian or Victorian furniture for a stylish yet sophisticated room.

Bathroom Furniture 


  • Base Units

    Base Units

    It is now easier than ever to design your perfect bathroom. Due to the huge range of Bathroom
    Base Units that we have available here at Bathroom Shop UK for all bathroom styles.

    We supply excellent and trusted bathroom brands with only the highest quality materials. Whether you need a modern base unit from Duravit or a traditional looking base unit from Burlington. You have come to the right place.

    Base Units | Bathroom Shop UK
  • Basin Units

    Basin Units

    Our collection of basin units are available in a wide variety of colours styles and finishes. We offer both traditional and modern bathroom furniture styles from the leading brands around the world.

    These units are intelligently designed as they conceal all visible basin pipework whilst at the same time providing you with an excellent bathroom storage solution.

    Basin Units | Bathroom Shop UK
  • Countertops


    Explore our range of countertops for your bathroom here at Bathroom Shop UK. We provide the best surfaces for your washbasin whilst at the same time being really easy to clean and modern in design.


    From trusted brands such as Britton, Roca and Rhoper Rhodes we are guaranteed to have the countertop for your bathroom.

    Countertops | Bathroom Shop UK
  • Finishing Touches

    Finishing Touches

    Complete your bathroom and make it the best room in the house with these finishing touches from Bathroom Shop UK. Choose your ideal bathroom handles, storage boxes and accessories to give your bathroom that cutting edge and stylish feel.

    Finishing Touches | Bathroom Shop UK
  • Furniture Packs

    Furniture Packs

    Give your bathroom a more co-ordinated and uniformed finish will one of our bathroom furniture packs here at Bathroom Shop UK.

    Complete with toilet, vanity units and basin these furniture packs are a great way of getting all of your bathroom furniture built into one solid looking unit. Not to mention the concealed pipework giving it an even neater finish.

    Furniture Packs | Bathroom Shop UK

  • Tall Storage Units

    Tall Storage Units

    Save a lot of space and clear away all of your bathroom clutter with these tall storage units from Bathroom Shop UK. Use the height of the full bathroom to utilize as much storage room as possible.

    Designed and manufactured in a range of colours, styles and designs we can guarantee that we will have the storage unit for you.

    Tall Storage Units | Bathroom Shop UK
  • Toilet Units

    Toilet Units

    Here at Bathroom Shop UK we have an extensive range of toilet units that are available in a range of styles, colours and designs whilst at the same time concealing all of your bathroom pipework. 

    This not also makes your bathroom look so much neater, but also the flexibility to design your bathroom exactly how you want it.

    Toilet Units | Bathroom Shop UK
  • Vanity Units

    Vanity Units | Bathroom Shop UK

    Browse our selection of Vanity Units here at Bathroom Shop UK from leading brands at amazing prices. We stock a wide variety of Vanity Units which are suitable for all kinds of bathroom style. Whether you are looking for a cloakroom, a floorstanding, or a wall mounted vanity unit, we will certainly have the one for you.
    Whether you are looking for a traditional vanity unit to fit your Edwardian or Victorian styled bathroom then we have a great Burlington range of vanity units. On the contrary, if you're looking to bring your bathroom forward into the 21st century then we have great ranges from Duravit and Roca.
  • Wall Cabinets

    Wall Cabinets

    We have an extensive range of bathroom wall cabinets here at Bathroom Shop UK. We have a wide variety of styles, ranges and colours to fit any type of bathroom. Duravit and Britton supply some of the most practical and stylish storage solutions to anyone's bathroom.

    Wall Cabinets | Bathroom Shop UK
  • Wall Units

    Wall Units

    Give your bathroom a stylish and modern feel with one of our wall hung wall units from leading Brands Duravit and Hudson Reed. A very effective way of storing your bathroom accessories whilst adding to the overall appearance of the bathroom.

    For ultra modern design consider adding a countertop basin on top of your wall hung unit.

    Wall Units | Bathroom Shop UK